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Wow! What a Month!

October 25, 2017 12:49pm

Wow! What a month! Integrity Medicine just completed our first month as a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. The folks at AtlasMD (they’re a DPC practice in Wichita that also designed the software we use) contacted me recently and said Integrity Medicine broke the record for the fastest growing DPC in the country! It’s been a quite a transition for everyone. We have had to change our way of thinking in terms of how we can service our patients. It’s been wonderful to communicate with you through text messaging, email, and direct call. In addition, we have had the ability to order, fill, and dispense wholesale prescription medications right here in our office.

I’ve noticed that you have had a learning curve too! Some patients are quite comfortable with texting and emailing; while others of you are becoming more familiar with these forms of direct communication every day. I’ve even had a chance to teach a few of you how to text while in the treatment room. Some of you were surprised I answered the phone when you called. A few even panicked and hung up on me! Remember, your phone number links to your chart so that I have access to your medications, past medical history, etc. So… I know who hung up on me!

All in all, it’s been a fun ride. I’ve had several new opportunities to care for you such as being able to respond to pictures of burns and rashes, send medications in the mail, give medical advice to patients on vacation in different states, AND have unrushed, face to face interactions with you without being an hour behind!

In the near I hope to have my first FaceTime/Skype medical visit and care for teachers, bankers, stay-at-home moms, business owners, etc. from their workplace so that they can keep vacation days for … VACATION! If you need help or have a question, just reach out to us. You can reach Elizabeth at or 620.878.6186. I’m available at or 316.227.1776. For medication refills, questions, or advice on how we can serve you better, use email. If there is something that we need to respond to quickly, I ask that you text either of us or call the office. A text message will alert us so that we can react now.

Also, thank you for being patient with us while we adjust to the new system. Your simple acts of kindness and words of encouragement mean more to us than you can imagine. That puts a smile on our face and a hop in our step! There will always be bumps in the road, but now we know we’re headed in the right direction even while others in this profession are clinging to an outdated system that honors third party payers in place of patients. Our primary emphasis is ministering through excellent medical care. And, at Integrity Medicine… Healing Just Got Personal! Send me an email if you would share a story of how Integrity Medicine direct primary care has helped you.

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend!

Robert Roeser, D.O.
Integrity Medicine, LLC