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What our Patients are Saying…

October 31, 2017 9:27am

“My husband got his leg against the muffler on the lawn mower and had a very bad burn. Being a truck driver it never works for him to get in to see a doctor. He was on his way out of town, a few days later when he returned home late one evening he showed me his leg and said he was concerned about it. We were leaving mid morning the next day for vacation and felt this needed looked at. So I said well let’s try out this new primary care we had signed up for just days earlier. I took a picture on our computer and emailed it to the doctor at 10:30 at night. Within a few minutes my husband got a text on his phone from the doctor and he said let’s take care of this. I will see you first thing in the morning. He went in the next morning. Had it tended by the doctor, filled the prescription in his office and we’re on our way. We are impressed with the fact that in addition to great care we are seeing that the plan seems to be paying for its self. What we would have spent on copay $50.00 this past month and the $75.00 WE SAVED filling our medications through the primary care plan
We are very pleased. And in Jan. We will be able to change our insurance plan to save us $80.00 each month. This will make the the plan a much better deal to meet our neads. We are also excited to see doctors taking the health care crisis into their own hand as the government and insurance companies seemingly cannot make the necessary changes. Good for you Dr. ROESER.

With my current insurance plan, this last month would have cost an extra $205.00. With direct primary care and adjusting my insurance to a major medical plan $150.00 and I keep the doctor I like and do not have to let the government or insurance company dictate my health care. Win, win.”


“I have been on a new eating plan for months with no weight loss. None. Yes I cried in you office but you LISTENED. You did not doubt my word nor did you call me a liar and yes I’ve had doctors do that. You showed compassion and added one prescription and I am losing weight!”


“It’s just neat for (my husband) & I to be part of something ‘new’ in the medical field with DPC. I wasn’t so sure I’d be involved when I first heard about it & (my husband) was all for it. I’m glad I stayed as I love Dr. Roeser, Elizabeth, the nurses & the office staff. I just couldn’t see changing.”


“Just want to let you know I really appreciate your update to your patients. (My husband) and I just LOVE your new way of practice and feel sorry for those who don’t see the advantage! It’s an extra sense of security knowing we can reach you anytime and anywhere we need you! Thanks again for your vision for a DPC practice!”