If you are an employer looking for ways to improve your employee satisfaction and retention along with reducing overall healthcare costs, we can help!

No gimmicks, no hidden fees- Just high quality, evidence-based medicine provided by your own personal physician at an affordable monthly price.

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One low monthly fee per employee includes virtually unlimited access to your physician, including telephone and video conferencing when medically appropriate.When an employer couples DPC with insurance for employees, it allows the employees to have easy access to their physician, focusing on preventive care to lower sick days and the cost burden of managing chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. These days, it’s important as an employer to offer a healthcare package in order to attract the best employees. This can be achieved by offering them an accessible, affordable, and quality primary care through Integrity Medicine.

We work with employer groups of all sizes from 500+ employees.

If you are already providing insurance for your employees, working with a broker to build an insurance plan with DPC can yield huge cost savings for you

Contact us today for a FREE consult and to learn more about direct primary care at Integrity Medicine.

Your monthly payment includes:

  • Unlimited office visits
  • Direct access to your doctor
  • Fast appointments
  • Low medicine costs
  • Text or email your doctor directly when you have a question
  • Get your prescriptions easier
  • Decreased frustration
  • Confidence in your health
Dependent children under

21 years old

$15 / mo

21 & older

$50 / mo

Over 100 years old? Your membership only costs $1 per month.

FAQ for employers

How much does this cost?
$50 a month for ages 21 and up. Under 21 is $10 a month with a paid adult.
Do I as the employer have to pay for my employees?
Not necessarily. We have businesses that pay the full membership or payroll deduct for those who have signed up for a direct primary care membership. Any ancillary charges such as labs or medications are typically billed directly to the patient from Integrity Medicine.
Do I have to sign up during open enrollment?
Nope! We take on new members at any time.
Can employees' kids join?
Absolutely! Dependent children under 21 are only $10 per month.
Does DPC replace our current health insurance?
No. We recommend our patients have at least a high deductible or catastrophic plan. We do not endorse any one insurance product. We have insurance experts that are familiar with Direct Primary Care and able to discuss options that couple well with DPC.

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Monday through Friday: Lab: 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

*(closed for lunch from 12:00–1:30)

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