What is Integrity Medicine?

Integrity Medicine is a Direct Primary Care facility. That means we offer care directly to patients without dealing with insurance. You can have a real relationship with your doctor, receive discounted labs and medications, and negotiated prices on radiology. With Integrity Medicine, patients can seek continual treatment no matter where they are. 

What makes Integrity Medicine different from other practices?

At Integrity Medicine, we cut out the insurance middlemen, so we can offer high-quality care without soaring prices. No insurance means no worries. You won’t have to deal with pre-certification, filing lengthy paperwork, or dealing with confusing policies. With Integrity Medicine, your doctor sees fewer patients, so he’ll be able to spend quality time with each patient. 

How do I know if Integrity Medicine is right for me?

Come in for a chat! We think you’ll find that our office is comfortable, our staff is welcoming, and our experienced team is skilled at helping you heal. When you’re ready to sign up, you can get started.

What services do you provide?

  • Arthritis/Rheumatologic Disorders
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Chest pain/EKG/Cholesterol Management
  • Hypertension
  • COPD/Asthma
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Skin Disorders and Lesion Biopsy/Removal
  • Diabetes/Thyroid Disorders
  • Women’s Health
  • Osteoporosis/Metabolic Disorders
  • Men’s Health—Testosterone and Prostate
  • General Physical Exams/Cancer Screening
  • Colonoscopy/EGD/Video Capsule Endoscopy
  • Sports injuries/Back Pain
  • Headaches/Neurological Disorders
  • Anemia
  • Depressive Disorders Disorders
  • D.O.T. Physicals/Employment Physicals/School Physicals
  • Preoperative Evaluations
  • Infusion Therapy

Does Integrity Medicine accept children?

Integrity Medicine can now serve children aged birth through 20.

How much does it cost?

Payments are due monthly. 

Individual Subscription

  • $50 for patients aged 21 to 44
  • $75 for patients aged 45 to 65
  • $100 for patients over 65
  • $10 for children aged 0 to 20
  • Special needs patients by arrangement, please call for details

And if you’re over 100 years old, we’ll charge you $1 per month. We think you’ve earned that!

Corporate Subscription

$50 per month per adult

Can I set up automatic monthly payments?

Yes! Payments can be automated monthly.

Can I pay yearly?

Yes. We love to accept yearly payments, and patients who pay yearly receive one month free. 

Does Integrity Medicine accept health insurance?

Thankfully, no. We got into this business to offer direct care to patients who need us most, so we do not accept insurance. Your subscription fee should cover most regular services, and you’ll receive discounted prices on labs and prescriptions.

Many patients are nervous about not using insurance at a doctor’s office, but many patients find that they actually save money with DPC practices like Integrity Medicine.

Do I have to get health insurance if I use Integrity Medicine?

Yes. We recommend that all patients purchase a health plan in case of hospitalizations or specialist visits. We do everything we can to keep you out of the hospitals, and we continue to treat patients when they’re hospitalized.

Often, a high-deductible insurance plan will meet the Affordable Care Act requirements and will protect you in the case of an emergency. Many patients save money by pairing a catastrophic plan with a DPC subscription. 

Can my family or my business receive affordable insurance through Integrity Medicine?

No. Integrity Medicine is a doctor’s office, not an insurance provider. Integrity Medicine cannot offer you an insurance policy. Please connect with your insurance provider to purchase an insurance plan. Integrity Medicine can offer you affordable care for your employees or family. Connect with us to get started today. 

Do you share medical records with insurance carriers or pharmaceutical companies?

No. Unless you specify that we can share your information, we do not share information with third-party companies or pharmaceutical companies.

What if I have a medical emergency?

If you have a medical emergency, you’ll need to go to the hospital. Integrity Medicine will do all it can to reduce hospital visits, but we recognize that they can’t be 100% prevented. If you have to go to the hospital or see a specialist, we’ll work with them to figure out a plan to help you heal faster.

How can I contact my doctor?

Integrity Medicine values communication above all, so you’ll have direct access to your doctor.  Patients can connect with their physician through text, email, office call, or Skype.

How much time can I spend with my doctor?

How much time do you have? Your doctor is here for you. It seems like a wild policy, but at Integrity Medicine, your doctor will spend serious time with you. Some patients like to ask quick questions, but many visits last up to an hour. That’s what we mean by real care. 

Are memberships tax deductible?

Memberships are not tax deductible as of right now, but memberships are eligible for reimbursement from your HSA.